We’ve Tried: Barcelona Helicopter Tours – A Bird’s Eye View

It’s one thing to see Barcelona by foot, but let me tell you now that it’s another thing to see Barcelona by air with Cathelicopters. Not one to be afraid of heights, I jumped at the opportunity to see Barcelona from a whole different perspective: a helicopter’s perspective. Needless to say, on a pristine summer’s day with great visibility and barely a cloud in the sky, I buckled myself in for a ride of a life time…

Arriving at Barcelona Port, I was placed in a group of 4. We were given some brief instructions about the flight and then before we knew it, we were airborne. To add to my excitement, I was placed in the front seat where I witnessed first-hand the skill and composure of the pilot as we flew over the spectacular capital of Catalonia.

Torre Agbar Barcelona

With amazing attractions to divine architecture all throughout the city, Barcelona caters for any type of interest and having already visited the majority of Barcelona’s tourist attractions by foot, I essentially rediscovered Barcelona’s most famous sights from a whole new angle. So with a ready, set, lift off…we were in the air and we started by flying around the commercial port and over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea to witness it in all its glory, with a plethora of boats all the way to the horizon to seeing the golden sun reflecting its rays off the ocean.

View Barcelona The Camp Nou Barcelona

We streamed down the extraordinary coastline of Barceloneta and past the powerful football stadium of Camp Nou, where of course we could see inside; to taking a casual stroll down the heart of Calle Diagonal and throughout Barrio Eixample. Ohhh and I forgot to mention doing all this with the majestic Montjuic and Mount Tibidabo stretching across the breath taking panoramic view of Barcelona’s city. After we passed La Torre Agbar as well as the immaculate Gaudi’s Park Guell, and finally took it home with a bird´s eye view all over the Olympic Stadium which was simply superb.

Palau de Sant Jordi

With the helipad in sight, we touched down for a smooth landing. To my delight, I was able to take some great photos opening the helicopter door which capped off an experience I won’t forget in many years to come. Furthermore, having lived here for close to 8 months, I would recommend experiencing the city like this to anyone regardless of whether you are visiting for 3 days or have been here 3 years; a 10 minute flight is all you need to give you a completely unique perspective on Barcelona.

National History Museum Barcelona

If you’re interested in experiencing the panoramic views of Barcelona by air, then Cathelicopters is the company I did it with.

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If you want to have a look at some other photos of the Cathelicopter experience Click here.



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